Italian red wine - High quality Nebbiolo Gattinara - Piedmont - Italy

The Nebbiolo

In the heart of the hills of Gattinara

It represents the piedmontese vine par excellence. Its traces are lost over the centuries, with quotations dating back to the 1200s. It probably owes its name to the late ripening of the grapes, the last to be harvested. The first to germinate and the last to ripen. The long exposure to the sun combines strong and mature scents. This vine has always given high-quality aging wines.

The hills that slope over the village with the large dome, Gattinara, represent a stage of rare beauty, where the spirit is filled with life. The porphyry soil, of volcanic formation dating back 270 million years, gives its wines unique characteristics. The particular acidity, embellished by the great presence of minerals (quartz porphyry and iron), makes this land particularly suitable for the production of noble wines.

Find out more about our vineyards...

Valferana Vineyard

This vineyard of about half a hectare represents the flagship of our company. From here comes the Nebbiolo we use to make our Gattinara DOCG Vigna Valferana, a cru we are proud of. The favorable exposure and the soil rich in iron crystals, give a unique minerality to this wine.

Guardia Vineyard

One of the vineyards that contribute to the production of our award-winning Gattinara DOCG Pietro. Located in the easternst part of the hill is composed of old vines on rough terrain. It is one of the oldest vineyards in Gattinara.

Bogianetta Vineyard

Together with Vigna Villetto and Vigna Marzola, this splendid sunny valley, from which you can also admire the Gattinara tower, provides the grapes for our Gattinara DOCG Riserva. Five years of aging to awaken the senses with unique scents. The soil is volcanic, but with less mineral presence.

Villetto Vineyard

Located in the heart of the hills of Gattinara. It provides its grapes to the production of our Gattinara DOCG Riserva. Volcanic soil, porphyry. It is mirrored in the Bogianetta Vineyard, located right in front of it. They almost touch each other, only the sky to divide them.

The Vineyards

Sunny and well exposed for high quality grapes

Our vineyards cover an area of about 4.5 hectares, not continuously. The plots, fragmented, develop on the hills overlooking Gattinara. Valferana, Bogianetta, Palfer, Borella… Their names bring to particularly sunny ,well exposed, slopes and valets which provide high quality grapes. From the Valferana Vineyard, in particular, we obtain the Nebbiolo grapes to make our Gattinara DOCG Vigna Valferana cru. It is a particularly suitable vineyard, with a very peculiar volcanic soil, which accompanies the porphyry with an important presence of iron crystals, and give our cru a particular minerality.

Some of our vineyards are still cultivated manually because the impervious nature of the soil and the narrow s planting system do not allow the passage of mechanical means. Dry and green pruning, tops, selection of bunches in late spring, require time, patience, dedication. The manual activities in the vineyard follow the passage of the seasons, oriented to obtain there the quality that will then transfer to the wine.

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